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For more than a century, Clifton Budd & DeMaria has represented management in labor and employment law matters. We provide management with legal services related to all aspects of the employer-employee relationship. We are committed to providing the highest quality legal services to all clients. We work closely with them to help solve their problems and attain their business objectives.

Recent Developments

DOL Expands FMLA's Definition of "Spouse"

by Jamie Lang

The U.S. Department of Labor announced that the definition of the term "spouse" under the Family and Medical Leave Act will change to include spouses of all legally married couples. The Department of Labor's Final Rule expands the definition of "spouse" by adopting a "place of celebration" rule.

Is It Time to Update Your Cafeteria Plan?

by Eva A. Rasmussen

Employers who offer their employees the opportunity to pay their share of premiums for health coverage with pre-tax dollars must offer this benefit through a written Premium Conversion Plan established under Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code in order to comply with IRS rules.

Abolishment of Annual Wage Theft Prevention Act Notice Appears Imminent

by Daniel W. Morris

The New York State Assembly recently delivered a bill to Governor Cuomo amending the Wage Theft Prevention Act. The bill will, among other things, abolish the requirement that New York State employers must annually, between January 1 and February 1, provide ALL employees with a Wage Theft Prevention Act form.

ACA Cadillac Tax: Essential Issue for 2015 Labor Contract Negotiations

by Scott M. Wich

As the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) continues to be rolled out, a costly mandate looms on the not-so-distant horizon.  Beginning in 2018, the so-called “Cadillac tax” will be implemented for high-value health plans.  Despite the significance of the tax, many employers remain unprepared. 

NLRB Rules Employees Have The Right To Use Employer E-Mail Systems For Union Activity

by Robert A. Wiesen

In a decision published December 11, 2014 involving the Purple Communications Company, the National Labor Relations Board ruled that employees have a right to use employer email systems to communicate about unions and other protected concerted activities during non-working time.