Abolishment of Annual Wage Theft Prevention Act Notice Appears Imminent

Written by Daniel W. Morris

The New York State Assembly recently delivered a bill to Governor Cuomo amending the Wage Theft Prevention Act. The bill will, among other things, abolish the requirement that New York State employers must annually, between January 1 and February 1, provide ALL employees with a Wage Theft Prevention Act form. The bill passed the Assembly and Senate last spring. And the Governor was always expected to sign the bill into law. But for the last six months the Governor and the legislature have been discussing modifying various provisions of the bill, but not the elimination of annual notice requirement. The Governor is expected to sign the bill soon. Under normal circumstances, the bill would not become law until 60 days after the Governor signs it, which would mean the annual notice provision would remain in effect for 2015. But it being reported that a chapter amendment will be issued in January, modifying the bill to become effective immediately and eliminating the 2015 notice requirement. We will continue to monitor these developments and keep our clients and friends of the firm informed on how this statute will impact their business.

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